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Fast Track Your Success With Everything I’ve Learned After 2,000 Criminal Cases!

Become a better negotiator, cross-examiner, and trial lawyer today!

Developed by US Business News “Most Dedicated Criminal Defense Attorney” in Nashville for 2020, Courtroom Coach membership helps lawyers get immediately better through knowledge, proven strategies, and tons of tips that were compiled after 10,000 hours of criminal defense practice and over 2,000 cases (and updated after sitting on the bench at Night Court for over 1,000 criminal cases).  This powerful first of its kind resource will improve your thoroughness, reduce your mistakes, and decrease your case preparation time…all while accelerating the learning curve and your success!  You will not find a more comprehensive and valuable criminal defense resource than Courtroom Coach.

24/7/365 lifetime access, on any device, from anywhere in the world

Some of the biggest challenges that criminal defense lawyers face are knowing what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.  Courtroom Coach gives you the tools to solve these problems in all U.S. Jurisdictions.  Curious what you’ll get?

  • Cross-examination blueprint for over 15 charges (included in-depth DUI defense!)
  • Questions, strategies, and tips for:
    • Bench Trials and 7 Different Types of Hearings
    •  ALL Stages of a Jury Trial
    • Negotiating
    • Cross-Examing
    • Knock and Talks & Search Warrants
    • Confidential Informants, Snitches, Objections
  • Tips on How To Start A Law Practice On A Budget
  • Initial Client Meeting Questions and Tips
  • Jury Trial Display PDF Template (Not Guilty Board)
  • Marketing, Tax, and Client Generating Tips
  • Bonus Practice Tips
  • Video Content
  • FREE Updates
  • And More


Courtroom Coach is the best value purchase I've made for my practice. Having everything at my fingertips helps me give more time to my clients and ultimately make more money!

JAY U.2011 FL License

Courtroom Coach has saved me so many times! Money well spent!

Tracy D.2013 TN License

Courtroom Coach is an informative, intuitive utility that offers something for attorneys of all experience levels. For those new to practice it will be a fantastic bridge between the legal theory taught in law school and the hands-on reality of client representation; for the seasoned veteran it's a great reference and refresher available right at their fingertips for those unexpected moments that arise nearly every day in the courtroom.

Ryan B.2011 TN License

Courtroom Coach is a God-send! If you have been wanting to open your own criminal defense practice, but have been scared to take the leap on your own, this program is there for you. Courtroom Coach gives you all the inside tips and help that law school couldn't prepare you for. I am so grateful for this program and cannot recommend it more. Check it out, you will not be disappointed!

Deanna F.2010 CA License

Courtroom Coach is the resource that I needed when I started my criminal defense practice.

Michael C.2010 TN License

If I had it when I first began practicing law two years ago, it would've made my life SO MUCH easier. Having to reinvent the wheel and get my butt kicked in those early days kind of stunk.

Daniel M.2015 TN License

Trial on Monday. Have writer's block while working on testimony Saturday afternoon. Solution: Courtroom Coach. Cuts down on the time and aggravation exponentially. Leaving me time to do other important things like shave and get that haircut.

Tim C.2014 TN License


Ed Hastings

Who is this for?

Criminal defense lawyers in ALL U.S. jurisdictions.

When can I get access?

Immediately after purchase.

How long do I have access?

For life, any time, any place.

Is your site helpful?

Yes. Courtroom Coach is the most comprehensive criminal defense resource on the market.  100% of the content is practical information that can easily and immediately be used on your cases.