Basic Package

A fantastic foundation. This package will make you a better negotiator and send you to the podium with confidence to crush your hearings and bench trials!
$499 Lifetime Access
  • Blueprint To 15+ Charges (Includes DUI!)
  • 7 Different Hearings (Full list in checkout)
  • Bench Trial Tips
  • Cross-Examination
  • Negotiating (TOP 15 Rules + Tips)
  • Search Warrants
  • Knock and Talks
  • Snitches/CI’s
  • Starting A Law Practice Tips
  • BONUS Practice Tips

Trial Package

This package will take your Voir Dire (most important part of your trial) to another level, you'll set the tone in Opening, and finish strong in Closing!
$399 Lifetime Access
  • Pre-Trial Motions (Samples Included!)
  • Voir Dire (BIG Focus)
  • Opening Statements
  • Cross-Examination (My TOP 8 Tips)
  • Common Objections
  • MJOA
  • Direct Testimony
  • Closing Argument + Extra!
  • Sentencing Hearing
  • BONUS Tips + More!